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9-1-1 Construction Plumbing - Construction Plumbing operates
Phone: 425-999-9417
Address: 12510 ne 130th way , Kirkland, Washington
Zip: 98034
Website: http://www.9-1-1plumbing.com
9-1-1Construction Plumbing ... family owned and operated, and locally owned. Our company was established in 1999 and we serve most locations in Puget Sound.

We genuinely aim to provide the finest quality craftsmanship and are supported by our 100 satisfaction guarantee.

Call us for any plumbing issue you have!!!

9-1-1 Construction Plumbing operates with one main goal: provide excellent service by establishing and maintaining trust with each and every customer. That goal has continuously set us apart from our competitors. We are a family owned and operated construction-plumbing company providing services to the Seattle community since 1999.
Owned and operated by father and son: John and Faran Eini jointly operate 9-1-1 Construction Plumbing. This multi-generational team work together to create a customer experience that is upbeat and well orchestrated. John's leadership and integrity combined with Faran's considerable craftsmanship have uniquely paired this team into the true dynamic duo!

Available Services:

- Kitchen Sink & Faucet
- Bathroom Sink & Faucet
- Tub & Shower
- Toilets
- Washer Machines
- Garbage Disposal
- Dishwasher
- Ice Maker
- Water Heater (Tankless, Gas, Elec.)
- Water Filtration

- Drain & Sewer Cleaning
- Install New Drain and Sewer
- Drain Leak Repair
- Back Water Valve
- New Drain Piping & Re-piping
- Sump Pump
- Garbage Disposal
- P-traps (all fixtures)
- Toilet Clog and repair
- Problem with Drainage

- Install New Piping (Copper, Pex)
- Low Water Pressure
- Fix Water Leak
- Fix Water Freeze
- Install or Repair Hose Bibb
- Inline Water Filtration
- Pressure Reducing Valve (P.R.V.)
- Sprinkler & Irrigation System
- Water Heater Install
- Water Pipe Insulation
- Water Service ( Main Shut off Valve)
- *Free Inspection for water system

- Install New Piping (Flex, Iron)
- B.B.Q Gas Line
- Gas Water Heater
- Gas Appliances

Re-piping and Remodeling:
For many homes in Seattle and surrounding suburbs, water supply systems have aged significantly. Some residents, after living years without any major plumbing issues, are now seeing a common trend with their friends and neighbors. The city's piping system is increasingly becoming more corroded, blocked, and leaky.
If your home is plumbed with a galvanized water-piping system, there are things you need to consider.
Just how good IS your drinking water? Why exactly is your water pressure so low? What kind of corrosion has affected the mechanics of your toilet, your sinks, faucets, showers, or any other surfaces where water travels? Exactly how well do your drains work? We can fix ANY problems you'reby re-piping your house

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