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Kokoroshin Karate Association - Karate Classes for Kids
Phone: 412-521-2395
Address: 826 Hazelwood Avenue , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Zip: 15217
Website: http://www.karatepgh.net
Karate for kids.

Kids develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-worth in a child friendly family based
non-competitive program. Karate is taught by Sensei Karen for the love of the art.
Conveniently located in Squirrel Hill right off the Parkway.
Kids can start any time. No contracts. Reasonable rates. Ages 5 & up.

About Karate Classes
This class is designed for children and the kids are comfortable when they join.
Kids are taught skills according to their developmental level and ages. Students do not compete with each other as karate teaches the greatest competition is with oneself.

Promotion is based on dedication, hard work and attitude and there rea no guaranteed belt promotions. Kids learn karate skills in a dynamic program that addresses their individual needs in the dojo and, more importantly, skills that they can apply in school and at home.

Beginning students are encouraged to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes such as tee shirts and sweat pants. In karate, we train in bare feet. Advanced students always welcome new students.

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