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Education & Research

Alternative Medicine Colleges, Courses, Alternative Medicine Schools

Alternative Medicine Workshops, Alternative Medicine Courses
Acupuncture Studies
Alternative & Natural Medicine Studies
Aromatherapy Studies
Aura Soma Studies
Ayurveda Studies
Bach Flower Studies
Bio Energy Studies
Chakra Balancing Courses
Chinese Medicine Studies
Cranio Sacral Studies, Craniosacral
Crystal Healing Studies, Crystals
Energy Healing Studies
Holistic Massage Studies
Homeopathy Studies
Hopi Ear Candles Studies
Hot Stone Massage Studies
Iridology Studies
Japanese Medicine Studies
Kinesiology Studies
Massage Studies
Medicinal Herbs Courses
Reflexology Studies
Reiki Studies
Shiatsu Studies
Swedish Massage Studies
Theta Healing Studies

Art & Design Studies - Education & Research

Fine Art Studies - Education & Educational Business
Applied Art
Art Colleges & Schools
Art Therapy
Art Workshops
Ceramic, Pottery
Fashion Design Schools & Colleges
Feng Shui
Fimo Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Interior Design
Jewelry Design
Papier Mache
Portfolio Preparation
Sewing, Art Quilt
Stained Glass Design
Video Art
Wood Carving

Business Studies & Schools - Education & Research

Economic Studies, Business Colleges - Education & Educational Business
Accounting Colleges & Schools
Advertising & Marketing Studies
Bookkeeping Colleges & Schools
Business Colleges & Schools
Economics Colleges & Schools
Enterprise Studies
Financial Colleges & Schools
Real Estate Schools
Sales Schools

Computers & Software Schools - Education & Research

Computers & Software Colleges - Education & Educational Business
Asp & .Net Programming Studies
Computer Courses
Computer Graphics Courses
Computer Programming Studies
Internet Courses
Microsoft Office Courses
Photoshop Courses
PHP Programming Studies
Software Training
Web Design Courses
Website Development Courses
Word Processing Courses

Culinary Schools - Education & Research

Cooking Courses, Baking Courses - Education & Educational Business
Baking Studies
Cake Decoration
Cooking Studies
Culinary Schools
Vegetarian Cooking

Dance Schools, Dancing Colleges, Dance Studies, Dance Classes

Dance Workshops, Dance Courses, Dancing Schools, Dance Colleges
African Dance Classes
Ballet Studies
Breakdance Studies
Dance Schools, Dancing Colleges
Flamenco Studios
Funky Dance Studios
Hip Hop Studies
Jazz Dance Studios
Modern Dance Studies
Salsa Studies

Education & Research - Education & Research

Education & Research - Education & Educational Business
Children Educational Software
Distance Learning
Educational Books
Educational Exhibits
Educational Software
eLearning Services
Music Schools & Colleges

Gymnastics Courses - Education & Research

Gymnastics Lessons - Education & Educational Business
Aerobics Courses
Awareness Movement
Baby Gymnastics
Chi Kung Courses
Contact Improvisation
Feldenkrais Classes
Fitness Courses
Gymnastics Courses
Movement Therapy
Pilates Classes
Yoga Classes

Health & LifeStyle Studies - Education & Research

LifeStyle Courses, Health Studies - Education & Educational Business
Health & LifeStyle Studies

Language Colleges, Language Studies - Education & Research

Foreign Language Schools - Education & Educational Business
Afrikaans Studies (Language)
Amharic Studies (Language)
Arabic Studies (Language)
Armenian Studies (Language)
Bengali Studies (Language)
Bulgarian Studies (Language)
Burmese Studies (Language)
Cantonese Studies (Language)
Catalan Studies (Language)
Chinese Studies (Language)
Croatian Studies (Language)
Czech Studies (Language)
Danish Studies (Language)
Dutch Studies (Language)
English Studies (Language)
Farsi Studies (Language)
Finnish Studies (Language)
French Schools (Language)
German Studies (Language)
Greek Studies (Language)
Hebrew Studies (Language)
Italian Studies (Language)
Japanese Studies (Language)
Language Schools & Colleges
Mandarin Studies (Language)
Portuguese Studies (Language)
Russian Studies (Language)
Spanish Schools (Language)
Swedish Studies (Language)
Turkish Studies (Language)

Leisure Workshops, Hobbies Courses, Recreation Courses, Leisure Classes

Hobby Courses, Workshops, Leisure Workshops, Hobbies Courses
Bridge Courses
Chess Courses & Schools
Circus Courses & Schools
Gardening Studies
Hobbies Courses & Schools
Juggling Courses
Magic Courses & Schools
Model Airplane Workshops
Wine Courses & Schools

Martial Arts Courses - Education & Research

Martial Arts Studies - Education & Educational Business
Jujitsu, Ju Jitsu
Kong Fu, KongFu
Martial Arts Courses & Studies
Ninjutsu, Ninjitsu
Self Defense
Taekwondo, Tai Kwan Do
Tai Chi
Thai Boxing

Music Schools, Music Colleges - Education & Research

Music Classes, Music Studies - Education & Educational Business
Bass Guitar Studies
Cello Studies
Classic Guitar Studies
Contrabass Studies
Drum Studies
Electric Guitar Studies
Fiddle & Violin Studies
Flute Studies
Keyboard & Organ Studies
Music Composition Studies
Music Schools & Colleges
Music Theory Studies
Piano Studies
Singing Lessons, Vocal Classes
Wind Instruments Studies

Mysticism Studies, Mystique, Spirituality Workshops, New Age Courses

Mysticism Courses, NewAge Courses, Mystique Workshops
Astrology Studies
Channeling Courses
Chirology Courses
Christianity Studies
Feng Shui Studies
Kabbalah Studies
Meditation Studies
Mysticism Studies
New Age Studies
Numerology Studies
Philosophy Studies
Rebirthing Courses
Reincarnation Courses
Shamanism Courses
Spirituality Studies
Tantra Courses
Tarot Studies
Totem Studies
Vipassana Courses

Parenthood Workshops - Education & Research

Pregnancy Workshops - Education & Educational Business
Baby Massage
Baby Swimming
Birth Preparation, Antenatal
Doula Training
Mom and Baby Yoga
Parenting Courses
Postnatal Yoga
Pregnancy Exercise Classes
Pregnancy Pilates Classes
Prenatal Yoga

Personal Development Studies - Education & Research

Personal Development Courses - Education & Educational Business
Art Therapy Studies
Assertiveness Training
Career Coaching Courses
Creative Thinking Courses
Dream Interpretation Courses
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Intelligence
Graphology Schools
Intuitive Development
Intuitive Painting Courses
Kinesiology Courses
Life Coaching Courses
Music Therapy Studies
NLP Courses
Personal Development Courses
Positive Thinking Courses
Psychodrama Courses
Self Awareness Courses
Self Realization Courses
Silva Method Courses

Private Tutors - Education & Research

Tutoring Services - Education & Educational Business
Algebra Tutors
Arabic Tutors
Biology Tutors
Calculus Tutors
Chemistry Tutors
Chinese Tutors
English Essay Writing Tutors
English Proofreading Tutors
English Tutors
French Tutors
Geometry Tutors
German Tutors
History Tutors
Italian Tutors
Japanese Tutors
Languages Tutors
Literature Tutors
Math Tutors
Physics Tutors
Russian Tutors
Science Tutors
Spanish Tutors
Trigonometry Tutors

Sports Colleges, Sports Schools, Sports Classes, Sports Courses

Sports Colleges, Sports Schools, Sports Classes, Sports Courses
Abseiling Studies
Athletics Schools
Baseball Classes
Basketball Studies
Diving Courses
Football Schools
Handball Schools
Horse Riding Schools
Parachute Schools
Rappelling Courses
Sailing Schools
Soccer Schools
Sport Colleges, Schools
Sports Workshops
Squash Courses
Surf Schools
Swimming Schools
Table Tennis Schools
Tennis Schools
Volleyball Studies
Water Polo Schools

Theatre Schools, Acting Studies, Drama Studies, Theatre Workshops

Acting Courses, Theatre Classes, Theatre Colleges, Drama Schools
Acting Studies
Directing Studies
Drama Studies
Film & Cinema Studies
Marionette Theater Studies
Production Studies
Screenplay Writing Studies
Theater Studies
Video Production Studies

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